Clothes don’t make the man

The image created by the company seems younger and more dynamic. Less “square”, it is often associated with that of successful start-ups. Moreover, the managers of this type of company often wear outfits halfway between wearing a suit and wearing a tracksuit. Jeans at the bottom, shirt and jacket at the top, represent a common outfit.  The absence of a suit can erase borders. If you opt for a more modern management, the presence of a full-time suit can be an obstacle between you and your employees.

The costume creates a distance that can give an inaccessible hierarchical image. Its absence is a real plus if you want to have a management close to your teams, which appears to be less conventional. Wearing a less strict outfit saves money for your employees who do not have to regularly have the suit washed at the dry cleaners. More classic outfits are presented as more resistant to conventional washing, and with less wear and tear.  It makes you feel better because these outfits fit you better. In case of high heat and lack of air conditioning, wearing a suit can quickly turn into torture, especially if you take crowded transport or have to move quickly. It may seem obvious that it is better to be in casual clothes than dripping with sweat, especially in summer. 

If you have not yet made a decision for your company, one of the solutions implemented by many companies is to require the wearing of the suit during the week and to grant free-Friday or to authorize it during the summer periods. 

For or against, it is up to you to choose the culture you want to implement in your company

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